Saturday, 9 March 2013

Monthly Special Article (March) - One Time In UK

A Moment To Understand What The Hell I'm Doing

'One time in UK' is the historical background of the protagonist that has been the centre of my attention in the last two articles. 'Going Home' indicates the individual finally finding and hence going to his one true place that he can call home. Whereas, 'The Road To Be Walked On' hints that there was or will be difficulties that this individual must overcome to reach the happiness that he constantly searches for. However, it is just as much important to take a break from all these difficulties I keep bantering on about and to talk about his past. That is the true purpose of these monthly specials so I hope you enjoy reading them as they keep coming.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Road Forced To Be Walked On

‘It seemed just yesterday that life was uncertain, how development in the human brain was on a pause. We wished to disobey all boundaries of morals, go against the wise men and make our own rules but how it all seemed just a dream. My life is a reflection of what is shown on television, unrealistic yet somehow true.’