Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Conclusion: Going Home

Life, to live and endure. Endure the suffocation within those cages you created, not because of others, but because of your own regrets. In time you learn to let go of those regrets, blow them away into the wind. Scatter them far beyond your reach so to never see or hear of them again. That cage you locked yourself in, that loneliness you created for yourself. Does that loneliness ever finally go away? Can we let go if we had the chance or is it so comfortable now? After all, it was that loneliness that kept us company all those years.

I began to understand my flow, myself but why now? It just went so quick, my life in high speed and this moment right here, it feels like the beginning. That thing that I have been waiting for all my life is finally here, my moment to begin again. This perfect flow, a symphonic harmony synchronising our essence with ourselves. The self. 

Slow in it's departure from the realisation of one's true self, I walk away where the steady wind leads me upon those mountains. The highest point to lead me above those heavenly clouds, I smile. High & away from the forever pain & sorrow that clouds this world from the true beauty that we are forever surrounded by. Without the microscopic camera helping us see this truth, we see pain, fear, regret & sorrow from microscopic tears that regrettably cover our pupils, our sight. 

Why do we always have to look when we can see? Why do we ignore the life in which we flow? 'If you love me why don't you let me go?' I asked the tranquil ocean on which I row. Don't worry, come with me. Not now but soon, we will once again be together. If not here then there. Where we all belong.'

Hush, do you hear that peace? The quiet, the calm? This tranquillity in which I would die to dive into. I go now, I'm gone... 

Acceptance, asserting to the reality of a situation, recognising the questionable truth in which we stand as soldiers within those boundaries. I am happy to accept. I smile because I know. I laugh but I do cry. I see not look, but first look to see. I see how we always first look but rarely see what the reality really is. I fly in a flow glancing down below. I breathe & then I go, now everything feels all right. 

Written By,

Jawaad Saleem

Special thanks to Joy Mum for an amazing Picture.