Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Valentine for Forever

"A day without my valentine is a day that I would want to forget. As the day without my valentine is a day in hell instead."

Seeing your hair fall slowly by your side but I would never stop seeing you see me. With so much love you asked me to be by your side and without even thinking about it, my mind swayed to dream about my valentine. I knew those eyes were for me alone, they filled me with so much love that I could scream out to the universe. Not that I'll actually scream out, I might just be tossed into the mental institution. 

What I'm trying to say is that you make me feel down to earth you know. Everything I am just seems as if you're the reason for it. When I smile and laugh, its you who did that to me. When I feel down its always only because you're too far away. No other person can do that  so I guess you're beautiful for being able to do that. 

There's no one that arouses me the way you do, no one that could ever make me dance to a song in my head. That love song was playing in my mind, my mind showing images of what will definitely be. There's no one who could be by my side but you who will always love me so I guess you're beautiful for being able to do that. 

That love becomes so powerful, for you to love me for who I am. For you to write jokes so I can laugh, after everything you do I realise that you deserve more than everything I can do. For me to want to do more than I can, to listen to every word and for you to say I'm the best you will ever have. That blasts my mind, like blasting my mind! But I would never want to do so much for another person but you, so I guess you're beautiful for being able to do that. 

You never had a perfect Valentines day and most probably you might not for another few years. Only because the one that you'd rather have might just be too far to reach. But I promise you one thing and I promise that this one I will definitely keep. Whether today or a few years after, every day will be our Valentines day no matter what day it is in the week. I could never sacrifice a Valentines day alone but to wait for you to be mine, that would always be worth it. I know you're beautiful... So So beautiful for being able to do that. 

Because my valentines day are all the days that I can wake up and see you, those days that I could hug you and keep you, but because our society only keeps today as Valentines day I might as well still ask. 
Will you be my Valentine and have a happy Valentines day with me? 

Written By,

Jawaad Saleem

(A Valentines Day Special)