Sunday, 19 January 2014

Chapter 7 - Let Me Fly

‘Before I even began to think about what I would say, I was already holding my tears back. For this conversation, emotions had no place. For this person, the word emotion had no definition.’

To be loved with its whole sincerity, such a rare feature we find only in a few. If parents were to be an exception, would that statement remain true? That is the question I now ponder on but back then, while holding that phone in my hand, my thoughts were off. While I held that phone emotionless, emotions were fuelling through. 


I panicked but just for a few seconds and then replied,

'Dad, it's me...Rahal.' 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

North Star - Ali Khan Niazi

My hands ruffles with her skin,
and please ask me what is contentment?
For me it is when i rest my forehead on her chin,
she and I makes a whole,
it’s like she stares into my soul and my inside glows, eyes closed

They ask me if I can live without her?
I tell them I am a part of her,
a small broken part,
i am her fleck

 I know she feels complete when she senses my breathing on her neck,
seeing her beauty, I become mesmerized,
she is like a visual definition of paradise,
and she is writing a million memories on my heart,
its like playing chords on a guitar

They asked me, what if I become lost?
What if she'll take me too far?
I said she will guide me, she is my north star.

Written By,

Ali Khan Niazi