Friday, 4 October 2013

Footsteps On Sand By Ali Khan Niazi

Tiny light speckled from the sun,
The candle lights up,
It gathered the moonlight and the dust,
A life is born,
Fresh, untouched

Memories start to flicker in the flame,
Counting the footsteps, journeys,
Victories, arguments and blames

And then a shadow,
Creaked opened the door,
Slowly strolling towards the candle,
Cigarette lighted up from the flame,
The smoke of the candle,
Twirled and curled up in such a manner,
That it made the word 'hate'

Hate twitching in its soul now,
Filling the spaces around,
Blisters on heart,
Blood lost its gush,
Dead between the walls of violence,
Darkness prevailing,
Travelling down his heart,
Down to the valley of affection,
Warmth, emotions and love,
The soul is all polluted now,
With greed, shallowness and lust

Now he walks towards the desert of wilderness,
With flame in his hand,
And all they found after were,

footsteps on sand

Written By,
 Ali Khan Niazi