Thursday, 19 September 2013

What the eyes see, the camera defines: Take 3 By Marie Sch

Take 3:

 Hey Baby, I had to mention,
That they got nothin' on you,
You're beautiful, it's true.

Beauty comes in many forms. I've learnt, through my experiences, the very nature of any woman is beautiful. Let's take the picture on my left as an example. From her lashes to the natural sway of her hair, it defines the very word that we so carelessly say, 'Beautiful'.

From the smile that she shows of the thoughts she could be thinking, the very mystery of a woman so elegantly shown and what might her thoughts be at the time. To the red dress resembling her passion for herself, how could we ever so carelessly say 'Beautiful'.

And then she took my breath away while the wind caressed her hair, she looked past that horizon and sees her definition of beauty. 

Oh, how her eyes could play tricks on us. Her very glance at her own view. Oh, how silly we could be to so carelessly say, 'Beautiful'. 

The very pride a woman holds for herself can be seen through her very stand. If that is not beautiful, then what is left?

Her dreams and ambitions she holds so calmly in her hands. Yet she idly waits for that someone, so easy is her patience. 

Freedom personified

Then there were times I thought,
how defeated are we compared to women.
How can they so easily be free,
how can they so easily be so beautiful.

And the sun would set for you,
the stars would shine for you,
time would stop for you,
Death would sway for you.

The photographer who sees true beauty,
If only she knew she was what she saw.

Photography By,

Marie Sch

Written By,

Jawaad Saleem