Thursday, 25 July 2013

Chapter 4: Bronte, I'm In The Red Room! / Who's there?

Part 1 - Nightmare

'Wake up...' 'Wake up...' 'Wake up...'

The scene is mundane, silent.
Suddenly, the dark red velvet curtains held the wind at bay. The windows, half-opened, shuttered violently from the wind's growl. The wooden oak flooring creaked with every step I took whilst the pictures on the walls stared with disappointment in their eyes. All four walls painted in red so wet yet the room felt oh so ancient, so old even that the room appeared to be laid out from the Victorian era. Whispers could be heard from spirits that longed to rest. I had heard of such rooms from stories told to children to keep them in their beds fast asleep. I had heard of the room's supernatural presence but never held faith in any one tale. No, what do I remember last this cannot be where I am. This eerie feeling causing a chill run down through my spine is something I cannot stand. To think irrationally in this situation will only make me lose my mind, I must focus and listen closely and let the light behind the walls shine. 

'I'm here for you, Rahal. It's going to be okay.'

That heavenly sound rang from every corner of this bloody red painted room. It cracked the walls till the walls began to cry so it could try to get through. Still the walls would not hinder from place, stood strong from all attacks. Now the pictures that held so carefully in place balanced their sight with mine. Their lips began to animate and whispered a deadly command. They wished for me to stay in place forever and grabbed my hand. This feeling of death made me gasp for breath yet my lungs would not be satisfied, I fell to my knees on the flooring made from trees and suddenly I cried.

'God no! Stop I beg you! LEAVE ME ALONE!' I screamed.

Again that heavenly sound repeated
'Wake up...' Wake up...' Wake up...'

My movements so violent, my eyes begged for escape and finally I found the door. I pulled my hands away reached towards escape, escaping on all fours. I felt my legs lose strength but my arms had caught the handle. With a twist and swing the door flung open and I saw red brick walls held to place. Now I have lost my breath and my sight fading away with only darkness to accept. That darkness so cold, so empty so alone it froze everything but one thing. From the depth of my mind came a warmth that could shine, so bright even darkness grew scared. It shielded my thoughts then my senses of course and now I felt a presence so pure so clear.

'Rahal, you must awake, live your life that you make and then you may rest. Till then keep fighting, for the sake of your writing wake up right next to me.' It said.

This sound that cried, I could not recognize. The wall made of bricks fell and crumbled down to open a new path. The suffocation stopped, gravity shifted and there I stood terrified, not calm. I sucked in the air reassured my heart that all will be well. I walked through that dusty doorway and heard for the third time again.. 

'Wake up...' 'Wake up...' 'Wake up...'

Where am I?

Part 2 - The Past That Saved My Future

I opened my eyes quite suddenly only to be weakened by the glare of the light bulb. Logic still with me, this time I slowly took in my surroundings. My body felt so weak but my right arm I just could not move. Motioning my head, I saw a person burying their head on my arm crying quietly by my side. Slowly but surely I realized whom that was.


'Rahal? Oh my god you're awake! I was so scared because I was waiting for you at the station you told me and then I got a call about you being attacked and unconscious. I didn't know what to do and I ran and I found you and you were like just lying there and I was so scared...!' Elena sobbingly said.

'Ellie, you said that already. Calm down.' I said patiently. ' Now, tell me what happened after I was knocked out.'

'Well um ah oh yeah basically because I'm like your emergency call that you keep in your wallet all the time, well ah the person that like saved you from the lunatic cab driver called me and told me how he's taking you to Saint Mary's hospital so I quickly came here. She replied. But how are you feeling?'

'I feel a bit weak and could you please let go of my arm for a while because it feels really numb. Elena, who saved me?' I asked wanting to know the person who saved my life.

'Yeah, he's outside let me call him in.'Elena said then heading outside the door, she gestured someone I could not see to come in.

He came in bringing scents from the past. A face that had changed but a scar so thick I could remember a memory long forgotten. The man that stood in front of me, that had saved my life was a man who owed me a debt he had finally found a chance to repay.

'You?!' I exclaimed.

'Nice to see you again, Rahal.'

Written by,

Jawaad Saleem

(Special thanks to Elizabeth Clay for a wonderful pic!)